I'm Lucero!

Photography is always been a family business, both of my parents were an early influence back in Monclova, a small desert town in northern Mexico where I grew up and learn the fundamental skills of photography before the digital era. They taught me the balance between the technical and artistic side of this profession while I watched them build a successful business guided with the highest values like integrity, passion, honesty, and teamwork.


While I was building my career in photography I followed my curiosity and began to study design in Monterrey Mexico. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Industrial Design and Product Development. After that, I move to Mexico City and had the pleasure to work with renamed Industrial Designers and Innovation Agencies while I was photographing branding events like Hermes and Macallan Whiskey.


In 2012, I moved to Austin to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. Austin proves to be the perfect city for that and more. It has allowed me to connect with other artists and organize art events and become a curator. 


Today, I have expanded my services into branding and product photography, all types of events, and creative portraits/headshots, which are my favorite. Through all this, my commitment is to offer a creative and collaborative experience that empowers us all, images that light up significant moments or ideas in your life or business. 



Let's Get in Touch! 

Phone: 512-825-9946